Hi there!

My name is Michael and I have been teaching English on and off for more than 15 years. I love what I do!

I’ve taught in Canada, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates, and I am currently in Saudi Arabia. I have taught many different types of classes from one-on-one lessons where the students wouldn’t speak, to groups where everyone spoke at once in many different languages. Along the way, I have tried many different activities┬áto keep my classes fun and interesting.

Originally, I was more interested in learning other languages and getting out of the English-speaking world. Then I realized that the skills I learned while studying French, German, and Japanese could be applied by my students learning English. I think it has really helped me develop ideas for learning based on the things that worked for me.

Along the way, I worked for a friend with a business doing public speaking and leading workshops. That helped me with layout and design, and also with lesson planning. In the end, I pulled all these ideas together to rev up my teaching.